Denfi Comp.Spin


                               NEW DENFI DISCUS ON THE MARKET                                                     

Denfi Comp.Spin                                                                                                                                       Special   Introduction offer


According to the IAAF rules.

A high quality beginner discus, or just a really great practice discus.
Extremely durable. 
A real beater
Spin rate 4-8 rev per sec.
Potential of 3-4% longer throws for experienced throwers.
Excellent in headwinds.
Overall Good for all wind conditions.





Available in these sizes:

*D1000 Comp Spin 1.0 K                               

*D1500 Comp Spin 1.5  K                              

*D1750 Comp Spin 1.75 K                             

*D2000 Comp Spin 2.0 K                                

 if purchasing larger numbers please apply for a special additional discount.

Denfi Comp.Spin

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