Well, the cat is out of the bag!! We have added a new series to our world class discus program. Made upon request from Olympic Champion Sandra Perkovic. We call it Denfi Power Enhancer,  Sandra Perkovic signature series. The Power Enhance...r series is 3 different models.
a 2.0k   discus sized as a 1k model a 1.5k   discus sized as a 1k model a 1.25k discus sized as a 1k model
And the fourth and final.
The Denfi Speed enhancer
a 0.8k discus sized as a 1k model
all with changeable sideplates.
July 2013

Shipping RATES. down 40% to 50%

We have chosen to switch cooperative partner, we have agreed up a new agreement with global company Fedex. This will lead to us within 14 days will be able to offer much lower prices to supply our goods to your door. We are currently working to integrate the new shipping module in our web shop. The work will entail that we will soon be able to offer our customers a much cheaper rate on products purchased at Denfi Sport.


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